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Threnody In Velvet

Morgana dark/fetish model

22 December 1981
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Dark and Fetish model, Photographer, Digital Artist and Web Designer.

This is my public modeling journal as well as my personal friends journal, the other side of my career (Photography, Art, Webdesign) can be found at my other LJ account iberianblackart. I will only add to friends people I actually know, dont be offended if I dont add you back, you wont be missing much anyway as all modeling related posts will be always public.

Please feel free to take a look to my online presences at:
Threnody In Velvet for modeling portfolio and stats
Iberian Black Arts for digital art.
Iberian Black Arts Webdesign solutions for web design.
Iberian Black Arts photography for my photography (fetish, gothic, bands etc.)
Add Threnody in velvet to your interests!!
Add Iberian Black Arts to your interests ;)

Picture on the left taken for Bowens International with my lovely kitty; Onyx.