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Make-Over photo shoot offer! [09 Mar 2012|05:50pm]
With the launch of my new makeovers blog I am offering 2 hours makeover shoots which will include customized hair and makeup of your choice and 4 retouched images in highres for only £200 per session (instead £310 which is the usual price) with the condition of having a casual picture (which will be taken prior to hair and makeup) as well as the finished images on the blog.

I will be only taking 10 spaces at that rate, so book in to avoid disappointment! I'm based in Colchester (Essex- UK, it's only 50min away on the train from London) and this offer is open to everyone! This is a great opportunity to have some professional pictures taken with your favourite outfits or even a nice present for your partner. 

I want to keep it interesting! email me at morgana@iberianblackarts.com
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big sale! corsets, latex, shoes and accessories! [01 Feb 2012|10:33pm]

I'm based in the UK, and will ship anywhere in the world, prices of shipping I will calculate depending on weight and destination. Paypal payments preferred.

Please send me an email to morgana@iberianblackarts.com if you are interested in any of the items, thanks! 

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TUMBLR [19 Feb 2011|04:14pm]
 I now have a page on TUMBLR, please follow me on there too if you are :) 

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Facebook Pages [07 Feb 2011|01:01pm]
I would be delighted if you joined my facebook pages depending on what you like seeing the most. I will be uploading all pictures of every photoshoot I do, as model or photographer, as I hardly post anything on here anymore...

Iberian Black Arts on Facebook (Photography and Art)
Threnody In Velvet on Facebook (Modeling work)

Please feel free to share with anyone interested! I used to use Myspace for the promoting part, but it is not what it was anymore :)
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Are you on FaceBook? [24 Jan 2011|11:16pm]
I have just created the official facebook page for Threnody In Velvet, on there you can keep up to date first with all my latest photoshoots and news, as well as giving feedback or asking questions about any of my pictures posted. "like" my page so you can keep updated. I don't update livejournal anymore (other than the occasional sale, which btw, my latest sale has a few leftovers still, but not many!).

Threnody in Velvet on Facebook
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shoot corsets + latex sale! [19 Jan 2011|06:21pm]
I decided to part with a few of my corsets and latex from catalogue photoshoots to make space in my wardrobe for everyday clothes! these are all only been worn for a few minutes for the photo shoot unless noted. Sizes are from 22"-20" and 8-10UK (on the latex clothing). Prices are from 30% to 60% off their original price, grab yourself a bargain while it's available! Shipping is calculated depending on destination and I will ship worldwide. I accept payments through Paypal. Email me to morgana@iberianblackarts.com shall you be interested in any of my items. Any questions don't hesistate to ask!

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New Entry at Fatale Beauty [21 Sep 2010|10:46pm]

All the info you need to know about what are the essential makeup tools to create a flawless femme fatale makeup!

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New post at Fatale Beauty [16 Sep 2010|11:10pm]
It's all about the eyebrows :)

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Threnody In Velvet 2010 [13 Sep 2010|12:56pm]
Have you peeked at my new site yet?

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Corsets, Latex and shoes sale!! [10 Aug 2010|07:41pm]

I decided to part with a few items of my collection some of which no longer fit! (I seem to have lost quite a bit of weight since the pictures were taken) and need to make room for other things too as Im running out of storage space :) Prices do not include shipping and handling from UK, and I accept payment through either Paypal or national bank transfer.

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Madame Khufu masks designer John Colby passed away [24 Jul 2010|05:11pm]
I still can't believe my eyes when I read this morning that volksjager passed away :( such a talented man and caring friend. My sympathies for his family and the ones that loved him.

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Check out my eBay auctions!! [18 May 2010|01:03am]
ending in a few days!
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Audra Jean Harness + Selling cameras on eBay [05 May 2010|08:22pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Mark from etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/AudraJean kindly sent me this beautiful Harness I really loved since I saw it in their shop, I decided to do a shoot with it with the help of my lovely boyfriend C Edward Alexander :)

Also, I listed for sale my Canon backup cameras on eBay at a starting low price, if you wanted to get into photography but couldn't afford it I think these are a fair price to get you started, hope they help you as much as they helped me get where I am get them here: eBay

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Willy Hutch [05 May 2010|08:04pm]

Long time no post! I left this journal a bit unattended since Im more active on myspace and facebook (however fb is only for friends and people I work with).

These new pictures by www.willyhutch.com at the Pavillion Hotel in London.

Hair styling by Elizabeth Venturini

Corsets by Morgana Femme Couture, Sian Hoffman and Lady Lucie.

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Selling Corsets! [26 Mar 2010|04:49pm]
I will be moving houses soon, so I need to downsize my wardrobe and things quick as they take so much space and I need money for furniture and other expenses, so I started parting with some of my corsets (this is only 1/7th of what I got...) they all are 18-20 inches waist, from L'escarpolette, Metamorph, Deadlygirlz (back when they were super curvy) and Puimond.

Starting with my 1851 L'escarpolette custom corset:  SOLD

pictures + prices and detailsCollapse )
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FairyGothMother new pics by GMK [07 Mar 2010|02:32pm]

Lots of really pretty lingerie up on FairyGothMother, I adore the above shot, with one of Sian Hoffman panty girdles, its just stunning! *wants badly* all pics by GMK.

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Maya Hansen - Lost in Prague photoshoot [24 Feb 2010|04:03pm]

I recently went to Spain to see my relatives and Valencia Fashion Week, where Maya Hansen was closing the event with her new Steampunk collection catwalk show. It was absolutely beautiful! then I went to Madrid and we shot some of her outfits for the catalogue and website, as you can see in the video above. Maya also did a catwalk show at Cibeles (Madrid) and she rocked it. I am very proud of her as she is getting the recognition she deserves.

Oh and the new Maya Hansen website frontpage... I love it to bits! :D
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The world of snow [24 Feb 2010|03:32pm]

A photoshoot I did with Chris Reeve in the snow covered fields... weirdly, it wasn't as cold as it looks for some reason. I love all the white, but Im looking forward to Spring...

Oh and yes, it does it all look a bit Battles in the north from Immortal... ;P

Blashyrkh!Collapse )
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Bowens Octabox test shots [24 Feb 2010|03:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

A couple of test shots I did with Chris Reeve to test Bowens new Octabox, which I certainly liked, it does give a nice soft light :)

The corset girdle in the following picture is custom made by Sian Hoffman, and its gorgeous!

Also these pictures I used on my recently opened account at Lookbook.nu which is a great fashion site I love.

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Morgana Femme Couture S-Curve Corset [20 Jan 2010|04:40pm]

Morgana Femme Couture

MF1330 Modernized 1907 Edwardian S curve corset with lace overlay shown here in Gold/Black. Matching nipple pasties available in Small 5cm, Medium 6cm and Large 7cm. Not to be confused for the “Edwardian shaped bottom” corsets seen elsewhere and on some of our own corsets. This entire corset is patterned and boned drastically different and is as close to the original 1907 version with a few adjustments to make it far more comfortable to wear unlike the authentic corsets made back then. This corset has hip gussets and best worn as a long line.

Photography: Iberian Black Arts Model: Morgana

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